Fundraising Campaign

Supporting our fundraising campaign is an important way to help our church continue its mission and serve our community. Your help will allow us to expand our outreach programs, reaching more people with the message of God’s love and providing assistance to those in need.

In addition your support will allow us to offer Bible studies, and other events that provide support and fellowship for believers. It will also help us maintain and improve our facilities, ensuring that they are safe and welcoming for all.

Your support is crucial to our ability to carry out this important work, and we are grateful for your generosity.

Amazon Smile Program

Simply by associating your Amazon account with our group, you will be helping us earn a small commission on purchases you already intend to make.

Kroger Community Rewards

When you link your Kroger account to our organization, we will receive a small donation every time you buy groceries.

"Be The Impact" Graphic Tee

Our “Be The Impact” tee was created for our 2023 Fundraising Campaign. All of the proceeds from The Impact Shop go to support our Outreach Ministries.